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Caribbean Diving

The Caribbean is a popular destination for US travelers since it’s generally easy to get there. Some Caribbean destinations do not require a passport. There is a variety of diving conditions so there is something for everyone from the new diver to a well seasoned diver. There is generally warm water diving in the Caribbean. The islands are mostly English speaking and they take US currency. Since there are many similarities to home, it is an easy, relaxing trip.

Where to Dive in Destination

The Caribbean covers a large area from Cayman islands in the East to Trinidad and Tobago in the West and from Bahamas in the North to Bonaire in the South. With more than 20 island diving destinations, you can travel to the Caribbean many times and not repeat the same trip. Islands in the Western Caribbean tend to be mountainous and more lush with vegetation. Some of the Southern island tend to have sparse vegetation and are more arid in contrast to the Northern islands that have more tropical vegetation. Some islands cater more specifically to divers like Cayman and Bonaire, some islands are a great destination for family vacations and some islands appeal to adventurers with hiking, horseback riding and snorkeling with whales.

Map of Caribbean Sea

How to Dive Destination

There are many islands in the Caribbean that can be dove from either a land based resort or a liveaboard. If you prefer to do land activities or take a moonlight stroll on a beach you may want a land based resort. If you prefer to dive, dive, dive then a liveaboard may be best for you. With any destination in the Caribbean you will have a satisfying experience whether you choose to dive from land or a liveaboard.

When to Dive Destination

With a wide geographical range, there is great diving year round in the Caribbean. The biggest concern people usually have is hurricane season but the chances are low that you will be there during a storm. Whether your travel plans are determined by a particular time of year or destination, we can put you in the best place in the best time.

Destination Checklist

  • What you’ll see – Walls, hard coral gardens, schools of fish, turtles, sharks.
  • What you won’t see – While anything is possible, you won’t see soft corals, pygmy seahorses, great white sharks.
  • Currents – Some destinations are known for exhilarating drift dives like Tobago while others are known for their calm conditions like Bonaire.
  • Water Temperatures – Mid 70’s and up depending on destination
  • Experience level – With the large variety of destinations there is something for every level of experience.
  • Recommended length of stay – A week’s stay is ideal for most destinations but some can be enjoyed over a long weekend.


What Our Customers Say

  • Thank you very much for arranging our trip to Mexico for working on the spa issue for us. We had a wonderful trip! The Viceroy was AMAZING! We will contact you to help us with travel plans in the future and pass along your contact info to friends. We could not be happier with our experience.

    Ebit Akers Austin, TX - 2017
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