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Dive Center

Dive CenterThe dive shop at Sipadan Water Village is spectacular. It’s a huge, open area with plenty of space for everyone!

All of the bcds and regulators hang in one room. Each person has a number and their bcd and regulator are hanging on a peg with their number on it.

There is another room with a rack for the wetsuits (again, with your wetsuit on a hanger with your number on it). And, each person is assigned a “cubby hole” to store your personal gear (mask, fins, computer, etc.). Each cubby hole has a lock on it so you can secure your belongings.

Tanks are available throughout the day for shore diving. Towels are provided in the dive shop so you don’t need to bring a towel from your room. There is hot drinking water for tea, coffee or hot chocolate. There cold drinking water. And, snacks are available during the afternoon. There a lots of large picnic tables so there’s plenty of space to work on cameras between dives or just relax. A library of fish identification books are available so that you can learn more about the critters you see on your dives.

There are also 4 “camera rooms” at the dive shop. These rooms can be rented and are great for storing your cameras overnight and between dives so that you don’t have to carry them to your room. They are equipped with 110V outlets. The rooms are small as they are only intended for storage and charging. Several people can easily share a room.

One of the best features of the dive shop is the Dive Board. There is a huge white board that shows you where you are diving, what boat you are on, the divemasters on your boat and the other people on your boat. This board is updated each afternoon so you can prepare for the next days dives. You know what time your boat is departing for each dive and the area you are going to. You can prepare your camera in advance to take advantage of the spectacular photo opportunities that await you!

What Our Customers Say

  • Thank you very much for arranging our trip to Mexico for working on the spa issue for us. We had a wonderful trip! The Viceroy was AMAZING! We will contact you to help us with travel plans in the future and pass along your contact info to friends. We could not be happier with our experience.

    Ebit Akers Austin, TX - 2017
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Located on the island of Mabul off the coast of
the state of Sabah on Malaysian Borneo.
The resort is only a 15 minute boat ride to the famed
island of Sipadan, the jewel of Malaysia.
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Sipadan Water Village is the perfect setting for your dive adventure
because it’s so rich with photo opportunities.
It has an outstanding array of marine life
and they are all eating, hunting, mating and generally going wild!
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Happiness, hospitality, and some of the best diving the world has to offer
are the trademarks of Sipadan Water Village.