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Dan Daniels

Robert AschermannI grew up about twenty miles from Lake Michigan in Illinois and was always near water. In high school I went to The Lake every weekend, it was the place to go.

Later I started cruising all over the Caribbean with my wife and snorkeled everywhere. Well we went to Hawaii and I fell in love with the coral you could see from snorkeling, and made my mind up that as soon as I got back to Dallas I would learn how to scuba. The day after I got back, I went to the local dive shop and signed up, and got certified. Being the type A I am I went on a trip to the flower gardens and got my advanced. It wasn’t long after that I was hauling people out of the water and got my rescue.

At that point I said may as well be a dive master and completed that course. I found out that you needed to be an AI to be a complete assistant. Moved on and became an instructor.

Outside of diving, which is my passion, I run distance races including the Boston Marathon.

Robert AschermannRobert AschermannRobert Aschermann

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  • Thank you very much for arranging our trip to Mexico for working on the spa issue for us. We had a wonderful trip! The Viceroy was AMAZING! We will contact you to help us with travel plans in the future and pass along your contact info to friends. We could not be happier with our experience.

    Ebit Akers Austin, TX - 2017
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Located on the island of Mabul off the coast of
the state of Sabah on Malaysian Borneo.
The resort is only a 15 minute boat ride to the famed
island of Sipadan, the jewel of Malaysia.
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Sipadan Water Village is the perfect setting for your dive adventure
because it’s so rich with photo opportunities.
It has an outstanding array of marine life
and they are all eating, hunting, mating and generally going wild!
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Happiness, hospitality, and some of the best diving the world has to offer
are the trademarks of Sipadan Water Village.